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Children's bedroom.

With Impression, the Peanuts™ are the protagonists of children's spaces.

For children’s bedroom think outside the box and express all your creativity. Give free space to new generation’s fantasy and desire for fun. Create funny, imaginative but at the same time safe play and study spaces. With Impression you can create a dream space with the company of the funniest children’s friends: the colourful Peanuts™ merry band.

The printed panels can be used to decorate walls, bed back cushions, furnishings and doors. A breath of joy to realise unique, original and unrepeatable environments.

Our product is non-toxic, scratch and abrasion resistant, durable, safe, easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

These are unique features, that allow our panels to keep the original texture over time. These features provide a greater safety for children’s health and they are environmentally friendly.