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Blue: the trendy color of the year 2020.

Decorate and renew your spaces with the color of the year 2020.

Blue: a relaxing, reassuring color that relieves anxieties and worries. This color is suitable for decorating the living room, the bedroom and the interiors of houses near seaside resorts.

How to add blue to your interior? With Impression panels: we offer you the possibility to furnish and renew the design of your interior with all shades of blue. Combining it with geometric shapes, or with colors such as green and indigo to give an additional touch of relaxation and well-being.

Furthermore, with the tactile effect, Impression can create surfaces with totally blue wood essences, or with a leather effect to increase the uniqueness of your environment.

Discover the right shades of blue with Impression and the clever tricks to combine it with furniture and furnishing accessories already in use.