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Design colour: green.

Mint green is the suitable colour to bring a breath of freshness and renewal in your home.

Green is the colour that more than any other expresses vitality and lightness and that can be combined with a wide range of shades, like lavender and grey or red and orange for an energic and more marked contrast.

Moreover, its brightness and freshness provide well-being and harmony, give greater authenticity to all environments, especially to living rooms and bedrooms.

Impression allows you to choose the perfect shade and to combine green with all the other colours, including also floral, geometric or other type of decorations, with an infinity of expressive possibilities.

In kitchens, sleeping area and living rooms, on vertical surfaces and on furnishings, on accessories and on every kind of house element. With Multi Layer Technology on Impression panel, it is possible to reproduce the tactile effect of the veins of the leaves or of the desired material, to follow and even anticipate the new trends.

Discover a new way to furnish and renew the interior design of houses, inserting a touch of green in every environment.