Craft and industrial come together

First and only one in Europe with Multi Layer Texture.

Impression revolutionises the ennoble process of the supports. Thanks to the use of the Multi Layer Texture® (MLT) technology we reproduce visual and tactile effects with results never achieved before. With the patented system MyTexture® is possible to create decorated panels with unique features for the characterisation and differentiation of furnishings, upholsteries and floors.

A system that can reproduce the craftmanship with industrial timing. Effects that can be reproduced on any kind of supports: chipboard, MDF, plywood, blockboards and alveolar in aluminium, water-repellent and fire-retardant materials.

Multi Layer Texture

Finally, craft and industrial have a point of contact.

MLT® is a seamless printing with high fidelity material effects and practically no limits regarding type and thickness of supports, graphic subjects, textures and finishes of surfaces. And with the just in time approach delivery time is reduced, avoiding the management of warehouse with space and land saving.

And with an industrial installation technically advanced and extremely powerful, that can respond to the market demands with a production capacity of 5000 square meters per day. In this way the industrial footprint becomes sustainable too, and the innovation is really for everyone, at hand.

Power and resistance

The MLT system guarantees the highest quality standards of the branch, certified by laboratory tests.

Every product has successfully passed the cutting, drilling, milling and edging tests. For this one we went up to the state-of-art "Laser Edging": a system through which we can obtain a homogeneous union between decorated surface and board, without any glue marks and without interruptions.

  1. Abrasion resistance: 100 turns
    UNI EN 15185:201
  2. Light fastness: 5
    UNI EN 15187:2007
  3. Adhesion: 0 / No gap
    UNI EN ISO 2409
  4. Resistance to cold liquids: 5
    UNI EN 12720:2013
  5. Surface hardness: 4H
    ASTM 3363
  6. Scratch resistance: 1,7N
    UNI EN 15186:2010