Digital decor surface

Impression’s mission is to give people the power to create unique and customised spaces.

With our innovative and sustainable technology, we project, co-create and express the personality and the desires of our clients, committing ourselves to protecting and respecting the environment of all.

Impression supports architects and designers in the creation of customised spaces. Our technology allows to reproduce every kind of material with an impressive visual and tactile rendering. The best results of a craftmanship customisation with all the advantages of the industrial production. This is how we lend you a big hand carrying out your dream projects.

Anything that has been possible only with the work of skilled craftsmen can be nowadays proposed again industrially. The result does not change, the method does.

Whatever the scope of your project is, Impression will support it with a team of graphic designers, architects and designers who speak your own language and immediately understand your idea.

Professionals and technicians experienced in the most advanced systems of materials reproduction and images processing, who put at the disposal of your project the enormous potentials of our system.

We are ready to go beyond and experiment with you new solutions. We don’t foresee the future; we work to anticipate it and to preserve it with an advanced and sustainable technology.

Velocity and reliability

  1. PLANNING - powerful 3D scanners, integrated into the workflow, allow to produce the samples in a short time and just as quickly to complete the projects and deliver the product.
  2. PRODUCTION - With the innovative method Multi Layer Texture we can digitally ennoble any kind of rigid panel. Through a process of stratification and catalysation we obtain an ennoble and varnished panel, with embossing in registration and very high values of resistance.
  3. LOGISTICS - out systems are tested to guarantee the perfect execution with optimization of the production, from small to large orders. The respect of the delivery time is a fundamental value for us that goes hand in hand with the full conformity of the product to the project.