A world full of new possibilities

Imagine the possibility to design and renew the space by faithfully reproducing the reality or by leaving free space to your fantasy. With Impression you can print every kind of subject, even with high fidelity material effects. Discover Impression, what we can do will impress you.


When technology gets ahead of reality, reproducing the real becomes a dream you can experience first-hand.


The possibility to reproduce almost everything. And to deceive sight and touch, without being able to distinguish the original material from the reproductions. Marble, wood, leather, fabric... without taking advantage of the nature.


Complete freedom of choice between hundreds of different options and to create new decorations for walls, floors and furnishings. There is no limit to your creativity.


And with special finishes, from matt to extra-gloss, the copy exceeds the original.

News & trends

Technology & Fashion

Marble effect flooring for Prada Women 2021 show.


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The new year is full of news!

The time has come to put this hard year behind us and restart, looking at tomorrow with optimism. With IMPRESSION the future is already here.

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Interior design trends.

Interior design trends shape the present looking to the future.

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